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Become a volunteer

Want to help keep the Gabba Green and positively work with the local community?

Across Brisbane, local communities and people are dealing with multiple challenges. With the cost of living rising, the rental crisis, the reclaiming of public green spaces and a city planning assessment process benefiting developers above communities, more than ever, we need diverse and community-based voices fighting in Brisbane City Council.

For nearly 20 years under an LNP council, we've seen a lack of ambition and interest to improve everyday people's lives. In a few months, I’ll become the only Greens Councillor in Brisbane City Council and plan on continuing the fight to make the LNP council accountable. I'll also be advocating for positive social structural change.

As a member of the Greens, I refuse to take corporate donations. Meanwhile, the Labor Party and LNP build war chests funded by gambling corporations and the fossil fuel industry. Proudly, I am part of a people-led movement with people like you. Together we can make a difference. 

So whether you are interested in turning up to a rally to protect a local school, helping clean up after a disaster, contributing to supporting people in crisis, building community gardens, putting on a local community event or contributing to a future campaign, we need volunteers like you.  

Sign up and help us keep the Gabba Green!


Will you volunteer?