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Delivering for our community has been my top priority - here's what we've achieved to date.

Since succeeding former Councillor Jonathan Sriranganathan in May 2023, I have been working non-stop to deliver for residents of the Gabba Ward. For years, our community has been treated with disdain by big developers whose generous donations to Labor and the LNP ensure they get all the political support they want. While developer profits continue to soar, our residents foot the bill, and our community is getting left behind.

We deserve better.

That's why my approach has been to connect deeply with the residents, neighbourhood groups, and community organisations who are the soul of the Gabba Ward, and who are being left out of the picture by Labor and the LNP when it comes to shaping our city. I am proud to serve such a caring and engaged community, and to have worked to represent and deliver for you these past 9 months:


Housing and Development For People, Not Profit

๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿฝ Only Councillor to vote NO to developer tax breaks in October, 2023

โš ๏ธ Worked with community to force Labor State and LNP Council to back away from $2.7 billion Gabba demolition

๐Ÿ•๏ธ Supported community-led support network for rough sleepers, and pressured State Government into housing people through Paniyiri and the holiday season

๐Ÿ“ฃ Built strong community campaign to resist Labor and the LNPโ€™s plan for 90-storey developments on the Kurilpa floodplain


Frequent, Reliable Public Transport

๐Ÿš Obtained new Blue CityGlider bus stop at Montague Markets

๐Ÿ•– Earlier operating hours and extended trial for free 86 Kurilpa Loop bus route

๐Ÿ” Reintroduced Victoria Street Ferry Terminal into Councilโ€™s infrastructure delivery plan

โœ… Secured commitment to finish Kangaroo Point riverwalk in Councilโ€™s infrastructure delivery plan


Accessible, Quality Parklands

๐ŸŒฑ Three new community gardens established

๐Ÿถ New dog off-leash area at Jolly Place Park, South Brisbane

๐Ÿ’ช New callisthenics gym being delivered along Riverside Drive

๐Ÿ›น Skate park upgrades and lighting coming to Davies Park

๐Ÿšฐ New taps and community notice boards for Raymond Park, and drinking fountains coming to Riverside Drive


Safer Streets for Cycling and Walking

๐ŸŒณโ›ฒ๐ŸšŒ๐Ÿšธ Initiated a masterplan for the Montague Road corridor

๐Ÿช‘๐ŸŒป Upgraded decommissioned CityCycle station on Jane St to create new public seating and greenery

๐ŸŒณ๐Ÿšดโ€โ™€๏ธ Initiated concept design for Hampstead Road greenspace and protected bike lanes

๐Ÿšฆ Design completed for pedestrian crossing on Wellington Road

๐Ÿšฒ 40 new bike parking spaces coming to Davies Park on Riverside Drive.


Arts, Culture and Community

๐ŸŽจ Three new public murals for Raymond Park, Dutton Park, and Orleigh Park, with two more on the way

๐Ÿ“… Extended West End Library opening hours to Monday - Saturday

๐Ÿšฝ Secured funding for restroom and community kiosk upgrades in Peopleโ€™s Park, West End

๐Ÿ Weekly community dinners for Raymond Park, Musgrave Park, and Kurilpa Point in collaboration with Amy MacMahon MP and Max Chandler-Mather MP


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