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First Speech

On May 9 I entered council for the first time as the appointed councillor for the Gabba Ward. On that day I delivered my First Speech in chambers, speaking on my appointment and the future of Brisbane and the Gabba. You can check out the video below!


I’m your councillor … how did that happen:

My appointment: as Councillor is possible under the City of Brisbane Act 2010 - current as of March 2023. Under this act, Jonathan Sriranganathan is vacating the position with less than 12 months until the 16 March 2024 election, because of this there is no by-election. Instead, once Jonathan informed his party of his decision not to contest the 2024 election in the Gabba Ward, local residents of his party held a democratically contested pre-selection. According to the results, I was declared into the role on May 2 2023. 

I want to thank the community for your patience while in transition throughout late April and early May. I want to thank the many residents across the Gabba Ward for their kind and most warm welcome.

A little about me: I'm an arts administrator, DJ, and renter living in Woolloongabba. I'm a proud queer woman and immigrant of Filipino and African American ethnicity. I have a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Political Science and History and have most recently worked at a local council. Previous to my recent role, I’ve worked at state and arts national peak bodies. I’m excited and energised to work with and for our residents and communities.