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Privatisation Failed: Why we need democratic public ownership

With special guest UQ economist John Quiggan.

Did you know Australia once had an entirely publicly owned electricity system, national airline, pharmaceutical company, bank, telecommunications company and railway system. Each ran incredibly efficiently, providing services for a fraction of the cost they are today, while earning a steady income for State and Federal Governments.

But in the 1990s that all changed as Labor and the Liberals engaged in the 2nd most aggressive wave of privatisation in the entire OECD. The fire sale handed over hundreds of billions of dollars of public assets to multinational corporations and changed Australia forever.

Privatisation was a bipartisan affair and Labor and the Liberal/Nationals still believe in it. Their basic belief is that the best way to provide services is through the profit motive of big corporations. This is bullshit.

Come and learn about the history of privatisation in Australia, the devastating effects it had on our country and how we might reverse it and introduce democratic public ownership of our essential services.

July 08, 2021 at 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Holland Park Sports Club
49 Abbotsleigh St
Holland Park, QLD 4121
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