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Tell Council - Defend Public Spaces From Olympics Maldevelopment!

Our community is facing an existential threat - the State Government wants to fence residents out of the largest green space on the Kangaroo Point peninsula, and shut down East Brisbane State School - all for a two week sports event. But we’re not backing down without a fight!


Why are public spaces like Raymond Park under threat?

Despite widespread community opposition, the Queensland Government is forging ahead with its plans to completely rebuild the Gabba Stadium for the 2032 Olympics. Project costs have already blown out to $2.7 billion and are likely to be much higher by the time construction actually begins.

Alongside this rebuild is a proposed Olympics warm-up facility that would destroy Raymond Park as we know it. A full-sized athletics track will not even fit within the current boundaries of Raymond Park, which means established trees, community facilities and neighbouring homes could be removed to make room for the track and the supporting structures including spectator stands, change-rooms, and security infrastructure. This would be a devastating loss for Kangaroo Point and the inner-southside which already has less parkland per resident than New York City.


Council is responsible for preserving public spaces

One of Brisbane City Council’s key functions is to preserve public spaces like Raymond Park, and the assets surrounding Gabba Stadium like East Brisbane State School and associated roads and transport infrastructure. Public space is essential to the health and wellbeing of residents and communities, and anti-democratic decisions from the Queensland State Government are putting them at risk. Council is a key stakeholder in the Olympics negotiations with the State Government, but they are also accountable to the residents of Brisbane. Council needs to use their position of influence to represent this community, and defend our public spaces from Olympics maldevelopment.


Email Council’s Committees for Parks, for Infrastructure and for the Olympics!

It’s time to start putting pressure on Brisbane City Council’s key committees, so they will stand with the community when negotiating Olympics development with the State.

Use this email template for a quick and easy way to send a message directly to the Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner and to some key decisionmakers, including: Krista Adams, Deputy Mayor and Chair of Council’s Olympics Committee; Andrew Wines, Chair of Council’s Infrastructure Committee; and Tracey Davis, Chair of Council’s Parks Committee.

Your submission will be more powerful if you can personalise the email with your own views on the importance of preserving public spaces like Raymond Park or East Brisbane State School in particular, and the lack of suitability of demolishing the Gabba Stadium without proper democratic process or community solutions.