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Creating Food Resilient Neighbourhoods

This content is from a campaign run by the Gabba Ward office, alongside former Gabba Ward Councillor Jonathan Sriranganathan, in 2020-21.


We were inspired by the spontaneous surge in people wanting to grow their own food as the COVID crisis emerged in March 2020.  At the same time we were contacted by local residents with a similar vision to our own, wanting to empower the community to grow healthy locally-grown food in public spaces, that is not reliant on big corporations.

At short notice our office swung into action committing office resources and local grant budget to support a range of local community-led initiatives. We were able to support the creation of edible verge gardens, seedling hubs, urban farms and community orchards. 

Check out the block links below for the award-winning Mycelium film and our Creating Food Resilient Neighbourhoods Zine, that beautifully tell the story of these projects and their shared vision. 

The third link, Food Resilient Neighbourhood Projects, has lots of information, photos, videos and a map about the various projects.

Block Links

Mycelium Film Documentary - link

Food Resilience Zine - link

Food Resilient Neighbourhood Projects - link


Get involved in one of our local food resilient projects