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Speech on flight noise

On 7 November 2022, I spoke about the flight noise. 

Recently, Airservices Australia revealed something shocking: Brisbane Airport has had more noise complaints than all other airports in Australia combined. This is clearly a sign of the massive institutional failure of Airservices Australia and the federal government to properly regulate flight noise. We have flights screeching over people's houses at 2.30 in the morning, at unacceptably regular intervals, exposing people to damaging noise pollution. We know that it has a huge impact on people's health.

All that we're asking for are the three things that Sydney Airport already has: a cap on flights, a curfew and a long-term operating plan that will see more flights over the bay. If it's good enough for Sydney residents, then it should be good enough for Brisbane residents. At a community strategy meeting we had in September, we clearly discussed our demands that we will be making on the government. We've got a private member's bill that has been before parliament before, and we'll be bringing it again to introduce those three demands. If the federal government doesn't listen to us, the community has agreed that, going into next year, there will be larger and larger protest actions.

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